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Passenger Rights

Airline Passengers We Love to Hate – Are You One of Them?

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Is It Time to Put a Stop to ‘Hidden Fees’?

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Should Flight Attendants Be Armed?

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The Best Airlines for on-Time Performance

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Frontier Responds to Weather “Meltdown” in Denver: Err, Sorry!

on-time airline Airport Carl Unger

American Airlines Fined $1.6 Million for Tarmac Delays

Airport Carl Unger

Delta Considering Free Meals in Coach

In-Flight Experience Carl Unger

Senator Blasts United’s New No-Frills Fares

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‘Expiring Miles Should Be Outlawed’ – And They Might Be

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Trump’s Pick to Head DOT Is Bad News for Travelers

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What to Do When an Airline Tries to Screw You

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The Trump Effect on Travel: Some Early Indicators

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Terrorism?

Does travel insurance cover terrorism? Passenger Rights Ed Perkins

Allegiant Air’s Planes Are 4 Times More Likely to Fail

Passenger Rights Carl Unger

Judge: Airline Price-Fixing Lawsuit Can Proceed

Passenger Rights Tim Winship