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Passenger Rights

Say Goodbye to Bag Fee Transparency: DOT Nixes Pricing Rule Proposal

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Travel 2017: 6 Things That Changed, and How They’ll Affect You

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Mileage Brokers: The Little-Known Airfare Deal Gotcha

Passenger Rights Ed Perkins

Number of Bumped Travelers Hits All-Time Low

Passenger Rights Carl Unger

What Customer Rights Do Hotel Guests Have? Not Many.

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Congressman Introduces Passenger ‘Bill of Rights’ Legislation

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Good News for Flyers – Less Bumping, Fewer Lost Bags

Travel Trends Tim Winship

The Airline with the Most Legroom Is This Little-Known Carrier

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Flying with Gifts: The TSA Rules You Need to Know

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The NAACP Accuses the World’s Largest Airline of Racism

Booking Strategy Tim Winship

11 Airfare Gotchas to Avoid at All Costs

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How Likely Is an Airline Shutdown to Affect You?

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