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Travel Gear

We’re travelers, too, and want to know what works and what doesn’t before we hit the road (or sky, or water, or rails). Our team tests the latest luggage, clothes, shoes, tech, beauty products, camping gear, and more, so you can pack the right items for your destination and travel style.

The Ultimate Packing List

packing list Packing Christine Sarkis

How to Travel With Wine

Wine corks arranged in a pattern Food & Drink The Editors

12 Things You’ll Want to Buy from the Away/Nordstrom Online Travel Shop

flat lay of travel essentials Fashion & Beauty Ashley Rossi

8 Great Little Black Travel Dresses

Woman Standing across the river from Big Ben in London Fashion & Beauty Christine Sarkis

12 Amazing Waterproof Shoes for Spring Travel

Waterproof shoes Fashion & Beauty Caroline Morse Teel

Keep Nature Wild Pine Pullover Review: Cozy Clothes That Give Back

Wild Sweatshirt Fashion & Beauty Caroline Morse Teel

Marika Activewear Review: Seamless Workout Gear for Travel

Marika Activewear Review: Seamless Workout Gear for Travel Active Travel Shannon McMahon

8 Innovative Phone Cases and Accessories for Travel

innovative phone cases Travel Technology Ashley Rossi

Modest Travel Clothing: What to Wear When You Need to Cover Up

Modest travel clothing at the Vatican Fashion & Beauty Caroline Morse Teel

The Best Travel Gear to Spend Your Holiday Gift Cards On

holiday-shopping-woman-s-hand-holding-a-credit-card-to-shop-online Entertainment Ashley Rossi

5 Ways to Combat Low Airplane Humidity (and Stay Healthier)

person sitting in airplane seat In-Flight Experience Christine Sarkis

Allbirds Tree Topper Review: High Top Sneakers for Sustainable Comfort

a pair of allbirds high top sneakers Fashion & Beauty Jamie Ditaranto

The 9 Best Ski Gear Items for This Winter

skier creating snow cloud Packing Caroline Morse Teel

Expert Tips on Staying Warm While Traveling

man in snow gear with camera standing on ice Active Travel Caroline Morse Teel

Travel Gift Cards and Other Last-Minute Gifts for People Who Hate Stuff

a-young-millennial-woman-shopping-for-the-right-gift-card-gift-and-present-at-the-store Holiday Travel Ashley Rossi