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Expert Travel Tips

The best way to have a smooth trip? Avoid common travel mistakes. Our expert travel tips will help you save on travel, know where to go (and what to avoid), pack like a pro, breeze through security, and maximize your destination time.

The 13 Best Car Rental Booking Sites for 2019

Couple in vehicle best car rental booking sites Road Trip Ed Perkins

The Worst Seats on a Plane (and How to Avoid Them)

airplane cabin seats In-Flight Experience Sarah Schlichter

Southwest Cancels Flights Due to ‘Operational Emergency’

Southwest Airplane Airport Carl Unger

7 Ways to Score Airport Lounge Access

7 Ways to Score Airport Lounge Access Airport Independent Traveler

6 Important Rules of Travel, Rewritten for Women

6 Important Rules of Travel, Rewritten for Women Women's Travel Jamie Ditaranto

5 Myths About Millennial Travel and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

group of people in slot canyon Active Travel Ashley Rossi

9 Countries Where the U.S. Dollar Is Strongest in 2019

Terraced rice fields in YenBai, Vietnam Budget Travel Courtney Elko

3 Bucket List Cities That Make Summer in Europe Affordable

Budapest Cities Shannon McMahon

11 Things Not to Do on a Plane

what not to do on a plane In-Flight Experience Sarah Schlichter

This Airline Just Sued a Customer for ‘Cheating’ with a Connecting Flight

man walking through airport with a suitcase Passenger Rights Ed Perkins

10 Best Cities for Day Trips

france-paris-friends-tourists-traveling-seniors-retired-notre-dame-retirement-tour-group Active Travel Ashley Rossi

The Surprising Item You Should Skip at the Buffet to Avoid Getting Sick

Buffet Health & Wellness Caroline Morse Teel

The Art of Slow Travel

woman on italy street Experiential Travel Sarah Schlichter

Single Travel: Tips for Going Solo

traveling alone Solo Travel Independent Traveler

The 8 Worst Travel Decisions You Can Make on Vacation

woman at train station Booking Strategy Sarah Schlichter