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Expert Travel Tips

The best way to have a smooth trip? Avoid common travel mistakes. Our expert travel tips will help you save on travel, know where to go (and what to avoid), pack like a pro, breeze through security, and maximize your destination time.

So Long, Middle Seat? What Plane Seats Might Soon Look Like Due to COVID-19

Janus plane seats Aviointeriors. Air Travel Shannon McMahon

OP-ED: Travelers Should Be Entitled to Airbnb Refunds During the COVID-19 Pandemic

OP-ED: Travelers Should Be Entitled to Airbnb Refunds During the COVID-19 Pandemic Booking Strategy Ashley Rossi

How Will You Know When It’s Safe to Travel Again?

empty airport waiting area airplane out window Health & Wellness Johnny Jet

Forest Bathing Audio Experience

Experience the forest while bathing in the forest (Shinrin Yoku) with all her senses. A 50 year old woman is tasting wild herbs in the forest. The sun shines through the leaves. At Home The Editors

Fun Travel Quizzes

woman on tablet on sofa. Entertainment The Editors

How COVID-19 Is Waging a New War on Air Passenger Rights

boy with a green suitcase is sitting on floor in waiting area wearing protection mask Passenger Rights Ed Perkins

8 Crafty Ways to Display Travel Keepsakes

8 Crafty Ways to Display Travel Keepsakes At Home Caroline Morse Teel

COVID-19 Could Impact Your Points and Frequent-Flyer Terms—for the Better

booking Delta flight on mobile app for frequent flyer program miles Miles & Points Ed Perkins

The 5 Best National Park Live Webcams We’re Watching

yosemite national park Adventure Travel The Editors

Should I Cancel My June Trip? Take a Flight Credit?

tylish woman on the Background of European City Street and one of the historical architectural buildings of Budapest, Hungary Health & Wellness Caroline Morse Teel

2 Simple Tips for Getting a Refund When the Airline Only Offers a Credit

hand holding phone with dial buttons. Passenger Rights Johnny Jet

8 Easy Cocktail Recipes to Bring the World Home

making cocktails at home. Food & Drink Deb Hopewell

Hotels’ Beloved Comfort Food (and Drink) Recipes

cookies on a baking tray At Home Christine Sarkis

17 International Recipes That Bring Your Travels into Your Kitchen

Pho Bo vietnamese Soup with beef and chopsticks in male hand Food & Drink Sarah Schlichter

8 Unexpected Travel Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

man watching travel movies at home. Arts & Culture Shannon McMahon