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Travel Etiquette

6 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Major Cities

Group of friends taking a selfie in front of the Tower of London Cities

8 Things You Should Never Do in National Parks

Garbage pile in forest among plants. Toxic plastic into nature everywhere. Rubbish heap in park among vegetation. Contaminated soil. Environmental pollution. Ecological issue. Throw trash anywhere. Travel Etiquette

The One Lie You Should Always Tell While Traveling

Solo backpacker admiring an ocean view from a cliff Solo Travel

7 Things Not to Do at Hotel Checkout

Person checking out at hotel front desk Booking Strategy

10 Strategies to Survive Staying with Family Over the Holidays

extended family toasting holiday dinner Holiday Travel

What Not to Do at a Nude Beach

couple splashing water nude beach Travel Etiquette

The 10 Worst Things to Wear While Traveling

Large crowd of people Fashion & Beauty

The 7 Most Controversial Travel Opinions

Controversial travel opinions Travel Etiquette

Tipping: The Ultimate Guide to Tipping for Travelers

Tip left on top of bill at an outdoor restaurant Travel Etiquette

Should You Recline Your Seat on an Airplane?

Empty plane seats with sun shining through the emergency exit door Travel Etiquette

Airplane Etiquette Violations: 7 Ways to Make Enemies on a Plane

man airplane headache Travel Etiquette

7 Reasons You Smell Bad When Traveling

Man with dark hair is reading text message on mobile phone in airplane seat Health & Wellness

7 Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise Ship

Aerial view of a cruise ship at sunset Travel Etiquette

What Are Your Rights When You’re Involuntarily Bumped?

Woman with luggage standing in dark terminal in front of window Passenger Rights

Can You Switch Seats on a Flight?

Empty rows of airplane seats In-Flight Experience