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In-Flight Experience

The Future of Virgin America, Revealed (and Richard Branson’s Reaction)

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U.K. Joins U.S. Laptop Ban as Skepticism Mounts

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8 Foods You Should Never Eat Before You Fly (Video)

New Airline Offers More Cheap Seats to Europe

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Who Has the Newest Planes? (And Does Anyone Care?)

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Free Coach Meals on American’s Transcontinental Flights. Yay!

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8 In-Flight Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Trip (Video)

Congress to Consider Bill Requiring Seat-Size Minimums

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JetBlue Mint Review: What Flying JetBlue Mint Is Really Like

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10 Controversial Travel Gadgets (That May Actually Improve Your Trip)

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Trump Administration Blocks Travel-Consumer Protections

Budget Travel Myth # 5: "Book Early" Passenger Rights Tim Winship

85% of Travelers Are Satisfied with Airlines. Really?

In-Flight Experience Tim Winship

Booze-to-Go at the Airport. What Could Go Wrong?

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With Airline Pricing Changes, It’s Now a Bare Fares World

Booking Strategy Tim Winship

Travelers to DOT: No Inflight Calls, Please!

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