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How to Buy Travel Insurance When You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

woman at doctors office with pre-existing condition travel insurance Health & Wellness Ed Perkins

Does Travel Insurance Cover Weather Problems?

Does Travel Insurance Cover Weather Problems? Travel Trends Ed Perkins

Hurricanes and Travel: What Your Options Are When One Threatens Your Vacation

Hurricane Health & Wellness Ed Perkins

Beaches Overrun by Smelly Seaweed Could Be the New Normal in Florida, Caribbean

Piles of sargassum seaweed on the-Beach in Costa Maya Mexico. Beach Carl Unger

The 10 Most Delay-Prone Airports in the U.S.

man looking at flight delay-prone airport board. Airport Ed Perkins

6 Ways to Cope with a Summer Heat Wave in Europe

The Badeschiff pool in Berlin at night during a heat wave in Europe. Booking Strategy Ed Perkins

Road-Tripping with Glamping Hub: 10 Best Places to Glamp in the U.S.

woman-sitting-outside-luxury-tent-on-glamping-trip-in-glacier-national-park Road Trip The Editors

The 10 Best Airports for Business Travel

The 10 Best Airports for Business Travel Airport Carl Unger

The 9 Best Vacation Rental Sites for Travelers in 2019

beach house with dunes. Booking Strategy Sarah Schlichter

This New Rule on E.U. Flight Delays Could Earn You Money

E.U. flight delays rule traveler waiting in airport. Passenger Rights Ed Perkins

How to Renew a Passport in 24 Hours

us passport Travel Technology Shannon McMahon

D.C. Sues Marriott Over Hidden Resort Fees ‘Pricing Deception’

Marriott rates displayed without resort fees. Booking Strategy Ed Perkins

Healthcare Abroad: How to Find an English-Speaking Doctor or Clinic

travel illnesses doctor's office prescription Health & Wellness Shannon McMahon

How to Avoid Caribbean Hurricane Season

Caribbean hurricane season Budget Travel Jamie Moore

How to Buy Travel Medical Insurance, the ‘Other’ Travel Insurance

medevac helipcopter travel health insurance. Health & Wellness Ed Perkins