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6 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Major Cities


These rules of urban behavior apply in nearly every city across the world—are you guilty of violating them?

Stop in the Middle of Sidewalks

Being in the big city is magical for you, the tourist. For the locals rushing by trying to get to work on time, not so much. Treat sidewalks like streets—don’t stop abruptly in the middle to check your directions or snap a photo. Instead, pull over to the side where you won’t be in the way.

Take a Cab During Rush Hour

Hailing a cab or calling a rideshare might be easier than walking to your destination or trying to navigate the subway system. But  during rush hour, it  will likely take you much longer to cross the city in a car than it would via public transportation.

Stand on the Wrong Side of the Escalator

Despite having different rules of the road, the escalator rules are the same from London to New York: stand on the right, walk on the left. This allows people who are in a hurry to climb the escalator quickly, while those who need a rest can ride up on the right. Recently, some cities like Hong Kong and London have tried to convince riders to stand on both sides of the escalators based on the theory that it actually moves people more quickly, but these campaigns have been largely unsuccessful.

Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

Walking is by far the best way to explore a large city. You’ll get to stroll through new neighborhoods and discover gems you won’t find in any guidebook. So don’t let your wanders be cut short by foot pain. Make sure you pack shoes that you can walk for multiple miles in—and don’t worry, there are plenty of stylish options out there that won’t mark you as a tourist.

Push Your Way Onto Public Transportation

People can’t get off the train or bus if you’re pushing your way on before they have a chance to exit. Be polite and stand to the side of the door until everyone who needs to exit can get off before you get on.

Feed the Pigeons

Feeding the flocks of pigeons that live in cities is so popular that places like Venice have imposed fines (of hundreds of euros) on the tourists who engage in the behavior. Although it may seem like a fun activity, it’s actually bad for both the birds and the city. When pigeons are fed human food, they lose their ability to scavenge on their own and they eat food that’s not in their natural diet. It’s also bad for the city as pigeons carry diseases that can infect humans, and the leftover food also attracts rats.

What do tourists do in your city that you hate? Tell us in the comments.

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