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The Turbulent Rise and Fall of the Kiddie Wing Pin

Turbulent Rise and Fall of the Kiddie Wing Pin. Family Travel Maria Teresa Hart

Does the Hotel Maid Look Through Your Stuff?

hotel housekeeper making a bed. Oddities Caroline Costello

What Fifth Freedom Flights Are, and How They Could Save You Money

planes parked at airport in a row. Airplane tail fins from Norwegian, Eurowings, Easyjet on the tarmac Booking Strategy Ed Perkins

How Travel Has Changed in the Past 10 Years

various images from the decade showing how travel has changed Travel Trends Ashley Rossi

The 25 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home in the U.S.

patio overlooking beach at a vacation home. Travel Trends Ed Perkins

Europe Travel Scams Every Tourist Needs to Know

pickpocket Europe travel scams. Travel Scams The Editors

How to Avoid Counterfeit Money When Traveling

Making change for Euros, a common counterfeit money. Money Shannon McMahon

New Rules for Service Animals on Planes Are (Finally) Taking Shape

man in airport with dog, service animals on planes. In-Flight Experience Carl Unger

These Airlines Have the Dirtiest Onboard Drinking Water

Passenger drinking water in airplane during flight. Health & Wellness Carl Unger

Spirit Is Changing Its Seating, Giving Special Attention to the Middle Seats

spirit airlines exterior plane Budget Travel Ed Perkins

Is Buying a Second Seat on the Plane Ever Worth It?

man sitting next to empty comfort seat on the plane. In-Flight Experience Ed Perkins

Travel Etiquette: 5 Controversial Rules You Might Be Violating

travel etiquette Travel Etiquette Caroline Morse Teel

33 Ways to Sleep Better at a Hotel

33 Ways to Sleep Better at a Hotel Health & Wellness Elissa Leibowitz Poma

Beaches Overrun by Smelly Seaweed Could Be the New Normal in Florida, Caribbean

Piles of sargassum seaweed on the-Beach in Costa Maya Mexico. Beach Carl Unger

How to Renew a Passport in 24 Hours

person using laptop to renew passport Travel Technology Shannon McMahon