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Cheapest Places to Fly This Winter (2020)

Panoramic view of Lima from Miraflores. Budget Travel Shannon McMahon

Free Holiday Shipping Is Available from These Popular Sites

Free Holiday Shipping Is Available from These Popular Sites Entertainment The Editors

10 Incredible Trips Under $1,000

paris louvre at night. Booking Strategy Avital Andrews

8 Things You Need to Know About Duty-Free Shopping

Duty Free Airport Ed Perkins

9 Times You’ll Regret Being Cheap When You Travel

being cheap Booking Strategy Caroline Morse Teel

How to Get a Refund on a Nonrefundable Flight

booking Delta flight on mobile app for frequent flyer program miles Money Ed Perkins

Visiting These Cities Could Soon Require You to Go Cashless

iPhone payment cashless. Money Ed Perkins

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

woman looking at mountains. Health & Wellness The Editors

Europe Travel Scams Every Tourist Needs to Know

pickpocket Europe travel scams. Travel Scams The Editors

The 15 Biggest Travel Scams, and How to Avoid Them

online banking. Travel Scams The Editors

How to Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

foreign transaction fees photo of person covering PIN number on ATM. Money Ed Perkins

How to Avoid Counterfeit Money When Traveling

Making change for Euros, a common counterfeit money. Money Shannon McMahon

The 10 U.S. Airlines That Charge the Most Baggage Fees, Ranked

baggage claim belt luggage man claiming Money Ed Perkins

Spirit Is Changing Its Seating, Giving Special Attention to the Middle Seats

spirit airlines exterior plane Budget Travel Ed Perkins

Is Buying a Second Seat on the Plane Ever Worth It?

man sitting next to empty comfort seat on the plane. In-Flight Experience Ed Perkins