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Travel Trends

Could JetBlue Actually Be the ‘Worst’ Airline?

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9 Moments Travelers Regret Being Cheap

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Should Airlines Get Rid of Reclining Seats? This One Is

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10 Fitness Getaways That Will Change Your Life

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10 Surprising Countries That Are Risky for Travel, According to the State Department

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Recap: The Week’s Biggest Travel Stories and Best Deals

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And the World’s Leading Airline Brand Is … Aeroflot?

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Wallet Watch: The Latest Nasty Fee for Basic Economy Fares

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2017 Was the Safest-Ever Year to Fly

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6 Big Travel Questions for 2018

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New Disney Policy Puts Security Over Privacy

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Real ID Act Changes: Why You Might Not Be Able to Use Your License to Fly in 2018

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It’s Not Just You – Air Travel Really Has Gotten Worse

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