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How to score the best seats in economy


Not all coach seats are created equal. Bulkhead and exit-row seats have extra legroom on most planes, so it’s no surprise they are the most coveted seats in economy class. Actually nabbing one of those choice spots can prove difficult, however, because in-the-know flyers are all gunning for the extra space.

SeatGuru maintains a list of tips for securing the best seat in coach before you fly. Matt Daimler, founder of SeatGuru, says, “My favorite from that list is using online check-in. Many airlines hold back the exit rows and bulkheads until the ‘day of flight’ so that they can be assigned at the airport, but online check-in is just like standing at the airport. Since you can typically [check in] 24 hours before your flight, you’ll get a good shot at those exit rows or bulkheads.”

Other smart ideas from SeatGuru include selecting your seat online when you book, calling the airline directly if online seat assignment is not available, and confirming your seat the week you’re flying in case a better seat has become available.

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