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The commonwealth of Puerto Rico experiences beautiful tropical weather throughout the year. Many North Americans visit during the winter months, since the same holidays are celebrated minus the frigid weather. Other times of the year are less popular, but are good times for reduced prices. read more

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  • Nonstop Party: The Biggest Carnival Celebrations in the Caribbean It's carnival season! For a warm, sunny place to unshackle your inhibitions, hit the Caribbean, where celebrations give you permission to indulge today and repent tomorrow.
  • Amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites in North America Think UNESCO World Heritage spots are all far, far away? Think again. We've picked a few that are practically in your own backyard, from Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico and beyond.
  • The Caribbean's Best Day-Trip Islands One of the Caribbean's best surprises is its many little islets that surround the major islands. Some are always up for a party, others offer a secluded getaway, and still others are a pristine time capsule of the Caribbean at its wildest and most unspoiled. Here are ten of our favorites.
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