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About Las Vegas

Nonstop action makes a Las Vegas vacation a 24-hour-a-day proposition. Vegas delivers the world, or at least a neon-lassoed version of it, to tens of millions of visitors every year. read more

When to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is so popular that there is no "off season" for tourism. Las Vegas is at its busiest during New Year's, most three-day public holidays, July 4th, and school vacations. Valentine's Day is also a busy time, with many couples heading to the desert to get hitched—fast. read more

Best Free Attractions in Las Vegas

While accommodations come cheap in Sin City, expensive attractions and shows can eat up your budget. Here are 10 totally free attractions to ease the sting. read more

Best Buffets in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, it's go big or go home. That applies to Sin City's buffets, too. From foodies to families and from cheapskates to high rollers, all kinds of travelers can live it up at Vegas' best buffets. Here are our picks for the best buffets for every palate. read more

Best Day Trips from Las Vegas

Need a break from the debauchery? Spectacular natural scenery and manmade wonders are just a short drive away. read more

What Not to Do in Las Vegas

If you think a trip to Las Vegas means blowing all your cash, teetering around in painful stilettos, and waking up married, think again. Here's how to avoid the rip-offs, blisters, and epic mistakes that Sin City is known for. read more

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