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  • Cities Offering the Best Value in Accommodations According to a recent survey, Prague tops the list of destinations offering the best value in hotel accommodations. Read on to find out what other cities made the cut.
  • Stretch Your Dollar in Europe This Summer The euro is hovering around $1.30, but you can still stretch your money. Find out how to save on airfare, car rentals, and hotels, and what to do about that stubborn currency exchange.
  • Trip du Jour Chocolate-Rich Destinations Discover destinations known for chocolate. Take an audio tour of Brussels, Belgium; Vienna, Austria; and Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • European Thanksgiving getaways Spending Thanksgiving in Europe can enable you to see some of the Continent's capital cities at a fraction of standard prices. Providers have put together quick getaways featuring airfare, accommodations, and breakfast.

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