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Saturday, August 23, 2014
Your bag is packed. Your carry-on is arranged. But is your keychain ready? With so many travel-friendly items that can ride along with your keys, customizing your ring for each trip can be the highlight of your travel-prep routine.
10 Tiny Travel Accessories Fit for Your Keychain
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Quiz: Which Deep-Fried State Fair Food Should You Eat?
Nothing smells more like American summer than the scent of deep-fried dough in the air on a hot night. That's right, state fair season is here, so it's time to chow down on all foods fattening and on a stick. Take our quiz to find out which deep-fried state fair food you should eat this summer.
Photo Contest: Best Summer Vacation Photos of 2014
Submit your best summertime photos and you could be headed on another vacation courtesy of our contest sponsor, Avoya Travel.
Six Most Annoying Airline Fees
Airline fees are a big source of irritation for consumers and good joke fodder for comedians. Consumer advocate Ed Perkins outlines his picks for the worst offenders.
7 Epic Walking Trails Around the World
From the limestone cliffs and glacial valleys of England to the obsidian lava fields and steaming hot springs of Iceland, here are seven walking trails you shouldn't miss.
Travel Clothes You Can Wear Anywhere
These fashionable wardrobe accessories will pass muster on the plane as well as in the Parisian brasserie.
World's Most Beautiful Bike Trails
Cycling vacations aren't just for athletes. Many of these beautiful bike trails take in the countryside on gentle paths that favor scenery over strenuous pedaling.
10 Hotel Booking Mistakes You're Probably Making
These blunders could ruin your trip. Here are 10 booking mistakes you don't even know you're making.
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