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Cabo San Lucas Warnings and Dangers

Tips on Cabo San Lucas Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Cabo San Lucas Warnings and Dangers

Going to Cabo San Lucas for a getaway holds great promise, but always keep these dangers in mind to prevent disappointment.

Dangers around the Water

The riptides along the beaches of the city are very powerful, and each year many people drown. It is possible for swimmers to cool off by swimming in the Sea of Cortez, at Lover’s Beach or in the bay, as long as you adhere to the local restrictions.

If you want to surf, make sure to ask the locals where the best surfing beaches are located. They are not marked on maps, and the local conditions always change.

Watch out for jellyfish. If you are stung, you can soothe the pain by applying lemon juice or cream to the sting, and then covering it with a bandage.

Don’t mix tequila and swimming, especially if you are not a regular drinker.

Keep an Eye on Your Cash

Always keep your eyes on your money especially when paying for gas. Tourists have been ripped off by locals who claim the traveler did not pay the full amount.

Locals may offer to help you carry your luggage or other bags, but then demand a tip for you. Some travelers have found that they won’t accept Canadian currency.

Be careful when renting jet skis. Tourists have been ripped off by operators. Read any paperwork completely before signing anything.

Don’t be suckered into buying something you don’t want from a vendor on the beach. It is best to ignore anyone trying to sell you something, and simply walk away.

The Wild Life of Cabo

Cabo is known for huge spiders; invest in a can of bug spray.

If you go off the beaten path, keep your eyes peeled for scorpions and rattlesnakes. There are probably no scorpion or rattlesnakes in the resorts, but you should still be on the look out for them.

Watch out for stray dogs and birds if you are carrying food. They have been known to steal the snacks of tourists.

Keep All Your Documents

Remember to keep your exit documents when you first arrive in Mexico. You will need to hand over your exit document before you are allowed to leave. Some tourists have been forced to pay to replace lost documents.

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Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about dangers and warnings for Cabo San Lucas.

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