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What We’re Reading: How to Predict In-Flight Turbulence


We found a handful of interesting stories this week, from a feature on the most delicious museums in the world to a roundup of little-known national park facts. We even spotted a tool that travelers can use to predict turbulence. And, as we’re so generious, we’re sharing it all with you! Here’s the latest and greatest travel writing we’ve see on the Web this week.

Need an Excuse to Drink?

Make like Gil Pender (the character played by Owen Wilson) in Midnight in Paris and spend your evenings hobnobbing where the greats—Hemingway, Ginsburg, Kerouac, Twain—once roamed. They won’t actually be there, of course. Unlike Gil Pender, you’re not the star of a Woody Allen movie. But if you head to one of the joints on BootsnAll’s list of Ten Places You Can Drink Like Your Favorite Writer, you can, at least, imbibe the mystical imprint of literary giants. And you can also imbibe a good pint or two.

Edible Exhibits

Budget Travel has put together a list of seven museums and exhibits featuring food—from a beer-themed display at the New York Historical Society to an exhibit on Chinese food in the U.S. (called “Sweet and Sour”) at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. Our advice? These mouthwatering attractions are bound to whet your appetite, so stop at a restaurant before, after, or before and after (the third option is highly recommended) your visit.

Park It

Need inspiration to get off your couch and brave the fresh air? Check out Little-Known Facts About America’s National Parks, brought to you by our friends at The Huffington Post.  It features a gorgeous slideshow with nearly 100 pictures of national parks, along with fun facts that you can repeat in front of friends to make yourself look smart.

How to Predict In-Flight Turbulence

Turbulence, the violent tossing and shaking that turns a pleasant flight into a scene from Panic in the Skies!, is the pits. The worst part is the unpredictable nature of turbulence. Flyers often have no warning before getting thrown around in their seats. Jaunted comes to the rescue, however, by alerting us to this handy turbulence forecaster. It’s a map showing where turbulence is likely to occur in the U.S. It’s not an exact predictor of the plane shakes, but it provides at least a small element of control for anxious flyers.

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