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British Airways to Transatlantic Passengers: No Food for You!

More Food?
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Good news, kids! Your parents were wrong: You can have chocolate for dinner. Well, so long as you’re flying British Airways.

According to USA Today, “Economy-class passengers flying on some trans-Atlantic British Airways flights are now offered a choice of a small chocolate bar or some other snack instead of the airline’s usual second meal before arrival.”

The change applies predominantly to shorter East Coast flights, such as from New York to London. On longer flights from the West Coast, the carrier will continue offering a second meal. The change went into practice last month.

Of course, passengers can purchase a variety of meals onboard.

We’re way past the point of getting upset over news like this, right? If anything, it’s surprising that British Airways was serving two meals on trans-Atlantic flights to begin with, and not at all shocking they’re backing away from the practice now. That didn’t stop The Sun from dubbing it “penny pinching” and “greedy.”

But really, what do people expect at this point? Let’s hope it’s decent chocolate, at least. Cadbury, perhaps?

Readers, what do you think about British Airways’ decision?

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