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Expert Travel Tips

The best way to have a smooth trip? Avoid common travel mistakes. Our expert travel tips will help you save on travel, know where to go (and what to avoid), pack like a pro, breeze through security, and maximize your destination time.

The Best Time to Book a Hotel Room, for the Lowest Price

Budget Travel Myth # 8: "Clearing Search History Doesn't Do Anything" Booking Strategy Ed Perkins

REI Launches New Under-35 Millennial Trips

woman riding bike in vietnam on trip Group Travel Ashley Rossi

The Essential Pre-Trip Checklist

young-girl-in-a-poncho-sitting-at-her-desk-planning-out-her-trip-in-her-diary Packing Caroline Costello

10 Things You Need to Know About TSA PreCheck

10 Things You Need to Know About TSA PreCheck Airport Carl Unger

Travel Hygiene Tips: Staying Fresh on the Road

travel hygiene tips Health & Wellness Independent Traveler

A Guide to Global Entry Renewal

global entry card and passport Airport Caroline Morse Teel

6 Summer Travel Trends to Watch in 2019

surfer on beach at sunset in Hawaii Travel Trends Christine Sarkis

5 Smartphone Essentials You Should Never Travel Without

woman using cell phone to take a photo Travel Technology Ashley Rossi

9 Nasty Truths About Car Rental Insurance

rental car insurance HERO Road Trip Ed Perkins

10 Historic Places That Have Been Ruined and Rebuilt

pale yellow cathedral in a large european square full of colorful buildings Historical Travel Jamie Ditaranto

What Not to Do at a Nude Beach

couple splashing water nude beach Travel Etiquette Dara Continenza

How to Take Your Own Passport Photo

passport photos Photography Caroline Morse Teel

The Essential Beach Packing List

beach-summer-book-sunglasses-bikini-towel-shells-flat-lay-towel Packing The Editors

Why You Should Choose a Disney Cruise for Your Next Vacation

Disney Cruise Ship Booking Strategy The SmarterTravel Editors

10 Mistakes You’re Making at the Airport

airport mistakes Airport Deb Hopewell