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Aruba, part of the Dutch ABC islands

The Dutch ABC Islands: Affordable and Hurricane-Free


Contemplating a fall getaway to the Caribbean with your gang but worried about tropical storms? Consider the Dutch ABC islands—Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao—which are situated blissfully far from the hurricane belt in the Southern Caribbean. All three islands experience pleasant weather year-round, but the fall is an especially good time to visit the ABC islands because prices are lower.

Fewer visitors in the late summer and fall leave hotels and resorts scrambling to fill rooms. To attract more guests, most properties slash rates, promote special packages, and offer freebies. If you can travel to the ABC islands this time of year, you’ll likely save a bundle.

Where to Find Deals to the Dutch ABC Islands


Although tiny, this Dutch territory is the liveliest of the three ABC islands. It features huge resorts, dozens of casinos, a lively night scene, and miles of white sand beaches.

To find accommodations in Aruba, visit the local tourism website, which includes links to hotels ranging from budget properties to luxurious high-rise resorts. The site also lists family promotions at select resorts. You can find offers good through most of the fall by clicking through to a property’s website.


Part of the Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire is renowned for its pristine environment and world-class diving and snorkeling. The island is a good choice for adventurous families who want to avoid high-rise resorts and crowded beaches.

Using Bonaire’s tourism website, I was able to find a directory that listed budget accommodations for North American travelers.


Curacao is the largest island in the Netherlands Antilles and is known for its shopping, European-style architecture and flavor, and friendly multicultural population. To learn more about the island, visit the Curacao Tourism website. Click on the “Stay” tab to find links to local resorts, hotels, villas, apartments, and other accommodations options.

Although flights to the ABC islands (and the Caribbean in general) do not experience the same kind of major seasonal price fluctuations as hotels, you can still find sale fares if you plan ahead. Look for the latest Caribbean flight deals on our airfare sale page, updated daily.


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