A hurricane from above (Photo: Index Open)

Due to Hurricane Fay, most of the major U.S. airlines are waiving change fees for passengers scheduled to fly to or from Florida airports over the next several more»

Kids on a plane (Photo: IndexOpen)

Ever fantasize about putting screaming, misbehaving kids on a flight into a sound-proof bubble at the back of the plane? Find out what other travelers said in a new more»

American plane taxiing down the runway (Photo:  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)

According to the FAA, American knowingly flew aircraft that needed repairs. Southwest was already fined over $10 million for similar violations, and now American could be more»

American Airlines 767 jet (Photo: Bergman)

Following a wave of criticism (much of which may not have been deserved), American will now allow three free checked bags for active service more»

Measuring tape (Photo: iStockphoto/Christopher Pattberg)

Last week, asked readers to voice their opinions on an incendiary topic: whether or not obese airline passengers should be required to pay extra to more»

Pillows on airplane seats (Photo: iStockPhoto/Yu-Feng Chen)

US Airways could be the next airline to start selling pillows and blankets, marking a trend toward eliminating the traditionally free amenity. But maybe that's not such a bad more»

Ryanair aircraft close up (Photo: Ryanair)

Europe's infamous low-cost carrier takes on price-comparison websites it says are illegal. But is canceling thousands of its customers' tickets the solution? more»

Oil - Empty fuel tank (Photo: iStockPhoto/ Wendell Franks)

Kayak just rolled out a helpful new tool that helps you compare car rental models based not just on the rental price but the estimated amount you'll have pay for more»

Voided Bill of Rights (Photo: Molly Feltner)

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently declared it can confiscate travelers' laptops at U.S. borders, even if there is no suspicion or apparent reason to do more»

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down (Photo: iStockPhoto/Julian Rovagnati)

Time Magazine has published a list of what it deems the stingiest and most generous airlines. See where your favorite carrier comes in, and whether or not you agree with the more»