Hotel room (Photo: Index Open)

More than 300 Sheraton hotels in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean will now ban smoking in all guest rooms and common more»

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Anyone who has waited until the last minute to book summer travel knows that it's likely to end in higher prices and limited choices. So why not start tracking now? more»

Photo: Delta Air Lines

Here we go, folks. Recent news suggests a merger between Delta and Northwest may no longer be just a rumor. So what happens then? more»

Photo: JetBlue

JetBlue is celebrating its eighth anniversary by giving away free flights. You must be a TrueBlue frequent flyer to take advantage of the more»

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Fare prediction website Farecast has finally gone international! Now you can find advice on whether to buy international airfare or more»

Spirit jet in the air  (Photo: Spirit Airlines)

Spirit follows in the footsteps of United and Ryanair by increasing its fee for checked more»

Cancun, Mexico (Photo: Adalberto Rios Szalay/Sexto Sol)

Low-cost airline Vivaaerobus has announced new daily nonstops from Austin to Cancun and Monterrey, Mexico, with fares starting at $ more»

Passengers waiting to board a plane (Photo: Index Open)

A report issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT) yesterday showed that last year, 63,878 passengers were denied boarding on 18 different U.S. carriers due to oversold flights. According to USA Today, that's an 11-year more»

The weak dollar (Photo: Index Open)

Bad news for travelers accustomed to using U.S. dollars in foreign more»

Iris scan (Photo:

USA Today reports on new hotel door-locking technology, including radio-frequency ID cards, iris scans, and more»