Already in effect in San Antonio, Southwest is planning to add a new boarding system to the rest of its airports by early more»

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The passport application period has been shortened to six to eight weeks, but giving the State Department a little extra time to process your application is still a good more»

Divers at Guam's Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest (Photo: Visit Guam)

Underwater pumpkin carving contests? Yes, and not just one. In Guam and the Florida Keys, celebrants prefer full-body submersion over bobbing for more»

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This new online trip-organization tool allows you to put your travel confirmation emails and other planning details into one easy-to-read document you can print out and take with more»

In the same way dryers eat single socks, airplane seat-back pockets have an insatiable appetite for the small items we stash as we're settling in. But there is hope for getting those items back, if you act quickly more»

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A deadly plane crash in Phuket, Thailand, over the weekend raises questions about the safety of the burgeoning number of new low-cost carriers cropping up in more»

EuroCheapo's new CheapoSearch displays rates from multiple sources for budget hotels, pensions, bed-and-breakfasts, and hostels. For many listings, you can read reviews before more»

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The New York Times reported yesterday that the euro is on the rise against the dollar. But even with this current rate hike, there are still a few ways to save while more»

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First-class expert Matthew Bennett recently published a guide to flying upper class to London. His guide is an expensive purchase, but it's packed with tips, and worth considering if you're a regular London visitor intent on avoiding more»

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With flight delays at their worst level since 1995, the government may take action. But the airline industry is pushing more»