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It should be no surprise that opponents of the proposed airline passenger bill of rights are resorting to fear-mongering in their fight with travelers who are trying to get some protection in writing. But do the arguments against the bill have any merit? more»

Photo: Northwest Airlines

A Northwest flight was canceled on Friday after the captain swore at a passenger. Do we need an air passenger's bill of rights protecting travelers from abusive airline employees? more»

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (Photo: DNC Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc.)

The new Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch Experience will take visitors through the pre-launch briefing, into the crew pod for launch strap-in, and finally through the blast off into more»

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After more than two years of debate and research, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has halted all discussions and outlawed cell phone use during more»

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Earlier this week, a report showed that most U.S. airlines are failing at customer service. Now it appears that the U.S. industry is also the weakest financial link in the global airline more»

Calistoga, CA (Photo: Calistoga Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau)

It's not as easy as you might think to find a truly useful guidebook to Napa and Sonoma, but we've done it ... and that book's author has some tips just for our more»

If you're flying Southwest in the near future, you may want to bring a few extra bucks, particularly if you enjoy an alcoholic beverage during a flight. The airline is increasing the cost of beer and wine from $3 to $ more»

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USA Today has reported a third straight year of decline in the Airline Quality Ratings. The ratings show that 16 of 18 U.S. carriers saw performance fall, and three of four categories showed worse industrywide numbers than in more»

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Low-fare carrier ExpressJet begins its first flights today, and has announced 24 new cities and details about its frequent flyer program. ExpressJet will serve West Coast, Southeastern, and Midwest more»