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Weirdest Things Found in an Airplane Seatback Pocket


The underappreciated and oftentimes overlooked seatback pocket reveals so much about the passengers who flew before you—sometimes too much. Once the main cabin door closes, people use the pockets for a variety of purposes, including a trash can, a bookshelf, a medicine cabinet, and even a wallet, but it’s the items they leave behind that make all the difference once you’ve taken your seat.

We gathered comments from our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitterto create this gallery of common items one might encounter in-flight. But the list isn’t complete, and we need your help. If you’ve flown a bit in your life, it’s more than likely you, too, have encountered something lurking in the pocket in front of you. We want you to tell us what you’ve come across, or better yet, take a photo of whatever it may be the next time you fly and send it to us for future publication (read on for further instructions).

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