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8 Best Travel Sunglasses for Summer 2018


Travel sunglasses need some special features to keep up with you on vacation. Polarized, anti-scratch, and/or UV-protecting lenses are a must, as are other qualities like weight, price, and durability.

Best Travel Sunglasses for Summer

Here are my top picks of sunglasses for travel, including picks for active, clumsy, and fashion-forward travelers.

Travel Sunglasses for the Clumsy Traveler: Reks Round Lumolux

 travel sunglasses

Attention prone-to-accidents travelers: These are the best travel sunglasses for you. Reks makes an unbreakable pair of travel sunglasses with anti-glare and UV 400 protective lenses. Thanks to the polymer frame material, you can drop ’em, bend ’em, or throw ’em in the bottom of your bag; whatever you do, this pair of travel sunglasses won’t break or scratch.

Price & Where to Buy: $50 on Amazon.

Travel Sunglasses for the Active Traveler: Native Eyewear Sidecar

 travel sunglasses

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, especially doing activities like hiking and camping, you’ll want to use the included, interchangeable SportFlex lenses—made for flat light to overcast conditions, meaning their performance doesn’t wane in the early morning or late afternoon. The other pair of lenses included with these travel sunglasses is the N3 Polarized option, which blocks four times more infrared light than normal polarized lenses. Plus, all Native Eyewear sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty.

Price & Where to Buy: $149 on Amazon.

Travel Sunglasses for the Classic Traveler: Kaenon Mather

 travel sunglasses

Kaenon’s classic, aviator-style sunglasses are one of the best sunglasses for travel because of their lightweight frames and comfort. These unisex travel sunglasses have polarized lenses, hypoallergenic nose pads, and include prescription lens options. Pick between a brown tint—best for sports—or black tint—the most natural tint for clarity.

Price & Where to Buy: $259 on Kaenon’s website.

Travel Sunglasses for Men: Costa Del Mar Hinano

 travel sunglasses

This pair of travel sunglasses is perfect for guys on an active vacation, but who still want to look stylish. The brand’s 580 lenses are some of the best polarized sunglasses on the market and are scratch-resistant and super lightweight.

Price & Where to Buy: $189 on Costa Del Mar’s website.

Travel Sunglasses for the World Traveler: Amevie Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses

 travel sunglasses

Not only are these travel sunglasses stylish and practical, they’re also responsible—Amevie is a sustainable and charitable company. These travel sunglasses are made from bamboo (a naturally eco-friendly product) that is sustainably harvested. Plus, for every pair of sunglasses that you buy, Amevie donates a pair of eyeglasses to a child in need. Another great benefit to these travel sunglasses are their polarized and UV-blocking lenses, which help block glare and protect your eyes. As an extra bonus, the case even folds flat for easy storage while you’re wearing your pair.

Price & Where to Buy: $70 on Amevie’s website.

Travel Sunglasses for the Millennial Traveler: Double Take Silver Aviator Sunglasses by Tobi

 travel sunglasses

For the trendy or urban traveler, these aviator-style sunglasses just might be your perfect pair. At only $6, you won’t break the bank if you end up losing them and they even have UV 400 protection. Hide your jetlag and turn heads at the same time with the oversized frames that are flattering on any face shape.

Price & Where to Buy: $6 on Tobi’s website.

Travel Sunglasses for All Day Comfort: Covry Castor Sahara

 travel sunglasses

If you’re like me, you’re prone to headaches after a long day of wearing sunglasses. Well, not with Covry’s patented Elevated Fit. The comfort technology is found on all of the brand’s sunglasses, but I particularly like this style, which is flattering for all face shapes and is super lightweight. The unisex style comes with 100 percent UV-protective lenses, or you can upgrade to a polarized pair for an extra $35.

Price & Where to Buy: $95 on Covry’s website.


Travel Sunglasses for the Beach-Lover: Badspade Floating Sunglasses

 travel sunglasses

These are the best travel sunglasses for beach vacationers, surfers, boaters, or anyone who loves being out on the water. Why? Because they float! They’re awesome for summer vacations since you can wear them in the water without the fear of losing them. Plus, the wooden frames are eco-friendly and the sunglasses come with a pack-flat case. Men, check out the Marley style, and women, I love the DelRey style—both have polarized lenses for UVA/UVB protection.

Price & Where to Buy: $120 from Badspade’s website.

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