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What Travel Editors Wear on the Plane


Who better to ask for airplane outfit advice than those who travel on planes the most frequently? From non-stretchy denim (yes, you read that correctly) to our go-to headphones, here are six outfits curated by our editors for some plane outfit inspiration.

Here’s a hot take: I’m all about flying in non-stretch denim. Hear me out! I love leggings and stretchy jeans as much as the next person, but both are too slippery on plane seats for me to get comfortable. Plus, I can wear my Wedgie jeans throughout the trip. My preference for lace-up shoes over slip-ons might seem equally radical, but I find sneakers better for mad dashes across the terminal, as well as all-day sightseeing once I’m in my destination. My beloved Comrad compression socks keep my poor calves from puffing up like two little balloons on the flight. And finally, this lightweight jacket helps me save space in my carry-on—those secure pockets accommodate my phone, Kindle, wallet, lip balm, face mist, hand cream, and boarding pass, with room to spare.

—Anne Bauso, Editor at, @anneolivia

I tend to feel a little claustrophobic and constricted when on a flight, so I try to dress as comfortably as possible while still remaining stylish. An easy-access wallet for my essentials limits the number of times I have to squeeze my carry-on out from the seat in front of me and lightweight, high-quality wireless earbuds let me relax even in a loud cabin. The best decision I’ve made for long-haul flights is investing in a pair of quality men’s sweatpants—they tend to be a little less fitted than women’s sizes, and this pair has plenty of pockets for snacks!

—Carol McPherson, Video Editor/Creator at, @cj_mcpherson

I often have trouble regulating my body temperature on the plane, and to top it off, I get swollen ankles on almost every single flight. So I invest in layers (and comfort) for my airplane outfit. Lunya’s Restore pocket leggings and these low-cut compression socks work wonders to help alleviate both of these problems. Of course, staying hydrated is a must, so I always include a packable and reusable water bottle as a part of my “outfit.”

—Ashley Rossi, Editor at, @ashley_stravel

I will never be the type of guy to wear anything other than loungewear on an airplane and for that, I am not sorry. Sleepwear trumps casualwear any day! I’ve been obsessed with SAXX’s Snooze Pants for quite some time now because of their soft, durable, yet airy quality. It feels like nothing’s on and you can’t beat that. Topped off with a cozy hoodie and a pair of my favorite noise-canceling headphones, and my outfit’s complete. Apart from what I’m wearing, I can’t board a flight without a blanket, which normally crowds at least half of my carry-on. Investing in a travel kit with an included blanket is going to change the game for me, so I’m excited. Lastly, I’m 100 percent for taking your shoes off on a flight, so an easy pair of Allbirds’ Wool Loungers are perfect to slip on and off in the air. I’m realizing after writing this that I’d never want to be the person sitting next to me—so my dearest apologies to everyone that’s ever had to.

—Tyler Schoeber, Production Specialist, @tylerschoeber

I tend to focus on the fabrics that are going to get me through a flight because I don’t want to be uncomfortably warm or thinking about looking wrinkled when I get off the plane. I’ve recently relied a lot on Amour Vert’s tops and jumpsuits made from their beechwood fabric, which is silky smooth but also breathes incredibly well—and won’t wrinkle. I also love pajama-cozy pants that are more tailored, like Eddie Bauer’s Departure Pants. For shoes, I go for something close-toed that’s also slip-on, like Cole Haan’s cushiony Cloudfeel Flats—which I usually take off in flight and replace with some treaded Dr. Scholls fuzzy socks for more comfort mid-flight (these even promote moisturizing with vitamins and lavender in the material—perfect for a dry plane cabin). I top it all off with a soft oversized scarf that looks cool and can be used as a blanket, or as extra lumbar support when rolled up.

—Shannon McMahon, Editor at, @shanmcmahon

I like to keep things comfy and casual on the plane—which means jeans that have some stretch and aren’t too tight, lightweight Saucony shoes with a memory foam bed that makes wearing them feel like walking on air, and a scarf to keep me warm in chilly airplane cabins. I hate to waste precious suitcase space on massive headphones, so I use simple but comfortable earbuds to block out the world.

—Sarah Schlichter, Senior Editor at, @TravelEditor

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