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Tips on Sydney Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Sydney Warnings and Dangers

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Australia. Known around the world for its Opera House, the city is filled with beautiful views, modern skyscrapers, and bustling entertainment districts. While a great place to travel, tourists should take note of some warnings before they go.


Like most large cities in the world, crime can happen in Sydney. Keep your belongings close to your body at all times, and keep your passport in your hotel safe or in a locked bag in your room. Women shouldn’t leave their purses unattended, especially in crowded areas. Fortunately, violent crime is rare, but police can’t guarantee your safety in certain neighborhoods, especially at night. Redfern is particularly sketchy, so stay out of the area if possible. If you’re staying in West Sydney, avoid Mount Druitt, Blacktown, and Wiley Park. King Cross, a notorious party district, can be hazardous if you’re not careful. As long as you remain alert, you and your family will have a safe stay in Sydney.


Sydney is a busy city. Traffic, especially during rush hour, can get quite congested. If possible, hail a cab or hop on a bus to get around the city. Locals are very helpful, and they will direct you to popular restaurants, bars, and shops in the area if you ask nicely. When renting a car, carefully review a map of the city before you hit the road. You can easily get caught in traffic and waste valuable hours if you don’t plan ahead.


The suburbs of Sydney can see snakes, spiders, and the like. Spiders tend to appear after or during rain. Before you head to the city, read up on how to protect against the local wildlife. If you stay downtown, you should be fine, but it’s better to know where to go and what to do if one of your travel companions happens across one of these animals. As is true anywhere in the world, the wildlife won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them. Be observant and you should be fine.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Sydney, Australia

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