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Tips on Dallas Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Dallas Warnings and Dangers

Cowboys and six-shooters may have been the biggest concern in Dallas 150 years ago, but today visitors will spend a lot more time worrying about traffic than cattle drives. Here’s what to know about visiting the city.


While Dallas is a fairly safe city overall, there are some regions that visitors should avoid. Fair Park is a lower-income area and it’s not uncommon for vehicles to be broken into if there are valuables inside. Places like Greenville and Mesquite are also poor and have a higher crime rate than the surrounding suburbs.


The cheapest hotels along the freeway have a rather unsavory reputation throughout Dallas. These so-called “meth motels” are famous for narcotics and prostitution. Sometimes you can tell whether a hotel is legitimate or not from far away, but in case you’re wondering, paying the extra money for larger hotels away from the highway is a safer bet.


Without a doubt the biggest danger in all of Dallas is driving due to the huge size of the roads and the millions of people who commute through the city each day. Avoid driving if possible, but if not, try not to go on the highway, especially during rush hour. Drivers are notorious for going well over the speed limit, not using their turn signals, and cutting off slower vehicles. Be prepared to keep pace with the flow of traffic and don’t get upset if you come across someone with less than good manners on the road.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings or dangers in Dallas.

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