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St. Lucia Passport Requirements: Do I Need a Passport to Go to St. Lucia?


The last thing you want to think about once you book your tropical getaway to St. Lucia is paperwork or documents (or anything else that doesn’t involve the sun, sand, and sea). There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when traveling from the U.S. to St. Lucia that will ensure a stress-free vacation.

First things first, St. Lucia passport requirements state that your U.S. passport must be valid for six months following your departure date and have at least one blank page for an entry stamp. Also, in lieu of a visa, be prepared to present onward travel tickets, evidence of booked accommodations, and means for travel.

If traveling by a closed-loop Caribbean cruise (one that begins and ends in the United States), you are not required to have a passport. It is, however, strongly recommended you carry one to avoid any obstacles that may occur in case of emergency disembarkation on international soil or an unexpected flight from a foreign destination.

St. Lucia Passport Requirements

A U.S. passport—valid within six months following your departure date—with at least one blank page for an entry stamp is required to visit St. Lucia. U.S. citizens are not required to obtain a visa if they can show proof of reserved onward or return travel, booked accommodations, and means to cover travel costs.

How to Get a Passport Book for Travel to St. Lucia

Apply for a passport as soon as international travel is confirmed. The cost will be greater if you apply for a passport within two weeks of travel time and need an expedited application. You can learn more about the requirements and documents needed to obtain a U.S. passport by visiting

Other St. Lucia Travel Requirements

Visa: U.S. citizens with proof of an onward or return ticket, booked accommodations, and the evidence of means to cover travel expenses, do not need a visa to travel to St. Lucia.

Vaccinations: No special vaccinations are required when visiting St. Lucia.

HIV/AIDS: Some entry restrictions may exist. Contact the Embassy of Saint Lucia before you travel.

So, Do I Need a Passport to Visit St. Lucia?

In summary: Yes, U.S. travelers need a valid passport to visit St. Lucia. Additionally, the passport must be valid for six months following your departure date and contain at least one blank page for an entry stamp.

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