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ridge merino tencel merino wool pullover hoodie
Ridge Merino

Ridge Merino Women’s Tencel + Merino Wool Pullover Hoodie Review: A Soft, Odor-Resistant Sweatshirt


I can never resist a good hoodie. I usually pack at least one for any cool-weather trips; they’re perfect for cuddling up in on the plane or keeping me warm while hiking or sightseeing. However, hoodies can also be heavy and bulky, which is why I was interested to try the Ridge Merino Women’s Tencel + Merino Wool Pullover Hoodie.

This lightweight sweatshirt is made of a blend of merino wool and Tencel, a sustainable fabric made of renewable wood pulp. Both materials are naturally odor-resistant, and the sweatshirt is designed to help regulate temperature and wick away moisture. You might assume a garment made of wool would be a little itchy, but I was pleasantly surprised by how soft this hoodie is.

ridge merino tencel wool pullover hoodie
Ridge Merino

Ridge Merino Women’s Tencel + Merino Wool Pullover Hoodie Review:

Price and Where to Buy: $79.95 on the Ridge Merino website or on Amazon.

How the Ridge Merino Women’s Tencel + Merino Wool Pullover Hoodie Rates:

  • Usefulness: 9/10. A lightweight sweatshirt is always a handy item on your travels, whether you’re trying to stay warm and comfortable on a plane or you need an extra layer in an air-conditioned museum. And it’s particularly useful to have a garment that’s resistant to odors; instead of packing multiple sweatshirts or wasting time doing laundry during your vacation, you can wear this hoodie over and over again. To test this hoodie I wore it to bed every night for more than a week, and I found it to be much less prone to odors than a typical cotton sweatshirt. I did notice a very faint wet-sheep smell when I pulled it out of the washer for the first time, but it was gone by the time the garment dried.
  • Value: 8/10. $80 is a lot for a sweatshirt, but for many travelers it’s worth investing in a garment that’s comfortable, odor-resistant, and made of sustainable fabric.
  • Durability: 7/10. The pullover is machine washable, but to extend the life of the garment, the care instructions say not to tumble-dry it, dry clean it, or add fabric softener when washing.
  • Portability: 8/10. This lightweight sweatshirt isn’t bulky, so it’s reasonably easy to pack.
  • Cool Factor: 9/10. The sweatshirt is attractive and comes in two neutral colors, black and gray, which go with just about anything. It’s cut long to cover your hips, so you can wear it over leggings.

Final Verdict: This soft, odor-resistant hoodie makes a good addition to your travel wardrobe.

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