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The 9 Best Travel Hoodies


There’s nothing cozier than a hooded sweatshirt, especially on a long flight when you’re trying to curl up and get comfortable. But the best travel hoodies are more than just soft and warm; they also offer bonus features that will enhance your trip.

What’s the Best Travel Hoodie for You?

My favorite travel hoodies have nifty features such as extra pockets, sun protection, or built-in pillows and eye masks. Discover the best travel hoodie for your next trip.

SCOTTeVEST Chloe Hoodie

(Photo: Amazon)

From the outside, SCOTTeVEST’s Chloe Hoodie looks like an ordinary, if attractive, microfleece sweatshirt for women. It’s not until you put it on that you realize just how much you can fit into its 14 pockets, cleverly designed to hold phones, tablets, glasses, passports, and other small items. Many of the pockets are on the inside of the hoodie, making them less accessible to potential thieves. Bonus: The main zipper goes all the way up to the hood, so you can protect all or part of your face in windy conditions.

SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton

(Photo: Amazon)

Men looking for a similar travel hoodie can try this sweatshirt from SCOTTeVEST, which has a whopping 21 pockets. Besides all the storage space, the best feature for travelers is the “Do Not Disturb” eye mask that flips down from the hood to block out the world—perfect for a long flight or train ride. Made of a polyester/cotton blend, this travel hoodie comes in five colors.

Stay Comfortable on the Move

Wool Runners from AllbirdsAllbirds

Whether its traveling through the airport or the woods, you” want to wear ne of the most comfortable and lightweight shoes on the market- the Allbirds Wool Runners.

Bluesmiths Kula Windpro Hoodie

(Photo: Bluesmiths)

At $135, the Kula Windpro isn’t exactly a bargain buy, but this unisex travel hoodie might be worth the investment if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Surfers, hikers, and other adventurous travelers will appreciate the wind- and water-repellent Polartec fabric, which is both lightweight and warm. The headphone cable management system lets you easily access your tunes during long flights.

BOMBAX Zip Up Travel Hoodie

Do you have trouble sleeping on planes? If so, the Zip Up Travel Hoodie just might help. The hoodie comes with an inflatable neck pillow you can pack into one of the pockets. With 10 pockets for your passport, tablet, and other travel accessories, getting through airport security will be a breeze. If you’re traveling in a colder climate, you’ll appreciate the built-in gloves and eye mask.

The Cashmere Sweatpant

The Cashmere Sweatpant by Everlane

Stay at your peak comfort level in affordable cashmere sweatpants from Everlane.

Aros Inflatable Hoodies

(Photo: Amazon)

Another intriguing option for sleep-challenged travelers is the Aros line of unisex hoodies, which includes both pullover and zip-up models. Instead of lugging a bulky travel pillow onto the plane, wear one of these travel sweatshirts; inside the hood is an insert that you can inflate and turn into an instant pillow. (Don’t forget to remove the insert before washing the sweatshirt.)

Under Armour Popover Hoodie

On planes, the only person less popular than a screaming kid is a passenger with bad body odor. Don’t be that guy. Instead, give the Under Armour Popover Hoodie a try. This travel hoodie for men is made of fabric that wicks away moisture, fights odors, and dries quickly, making it ideal for stressful sprints through the airport or for active excursions during your trip. I like the sleek fit and array of color options, too.

XY37 Travel Jacket Hoodie

(Photo: Amazon)

The XY37 travel hoodie—available for both men and women—offers tons of bells and whistles at a lower price point than many of the other sweatshirts on this list. There are 10 pockets for items such as glasses, phones, and passports—plus nifty built-ins like an inflatable neck pillow, eye and face masks, and gloves inside the front pockets. You can even put your drink into an insulated compartment.

Coolibar Sun-Protective Travel Hoodies

(Photo: Amazon)

If your vacations typically involve lots of time outdoors, shield your skin with a travel hoodie that includes sun protection. Coolibar offers a full line of sun-protective clothing, including the Seaside Hoodie for women and the Packable Jacket for men. Both feature an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+ and are made with soft, lightweight fabrics.

ORORO Unisex Heated Hoodie

(Photo: Amazon)

This multi-purpose heated hoodie has a battery pack that can both warm you up and charge your phone. Core-warming zones on the front and back of this unisex travel sweatshirt keep you nice and toasty no matter how low the temperature falls. The battery lasts anywhere from two to eight hours, depending on how high you turn up the warming zones. Supply your own USB cable and you can plug your phone or other device into the battery pack for an emergency charge.

Keep it Simple with an Incase Backpack

City Compact Backpack by Incase

When you’re on the go you’ll want an exceedingly comfortable and organized bag, like the City Compact Backpack by Incase.

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect the most current information.

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