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Portland Oregon and Maine

Portland, Oregon vs. Portland, Maine: A Tale of Two Cities


Every now and then a lucky traveler discovers a far-off place that feels like home. San Franciscans might find comfort in hilly Lisbon; Dubliners have been known to flock to their unofficial sister city of Boston; and New Yorkers often find solace in bustling capitals like Tokyo and London. But it’s not often that two oft-compared destinations also share an identical name.

Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, sit on opposite coasts but have eerily similar reputations. After visiting both, I discovered both concrete historical links and curious cultural similarities. Both are known for eco-friendliness, outdoor adventure, breweries, inclement weather, and unique art scenes. Both are also the largest city in their respective state; and, thanks to their universities, the average age in both cities is 36.

Which Portland would you enjoy more? They’re as different as they are alike. Here’s what you should know about both cities and how to decide which one to visit.

Portland, Oregon vs. Portland, Maine

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Associate Editor Shannon McMahon visited Portland, Oregon courtesy of Travel Portland. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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