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Kansas City – Unusual Attractions & Day Trips

Kansas City – Unusual Attractions & Day Trips


Kansas City off the Beaten Path

Home to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, art masterpieces and jazz music, Kansas City, Missouri, offers culture along with unusual tourist attractions.

Statue of Former Kansas City Mayor

Locating the statue of former Kansas city mayor Tom Pendergast is a bit challenging. The statue of the former powerful mayor with alleged mob ties is located in Case Park. The statue is tucked away in one of the park’s corners. While visiting Case Park, you can also view a Lewis and Clark monument.

Kansas City Museum

The Kansas City Museum located at 218 Gladstone Blvd., is a historic mansion that is sure to captivate your soul. Exquisite architecture and exhibits provide a fun day filled with unique tidbits of information. For instance, the museum once hosted a Sherlock Holmes exhibit in which visitors became private investigators and solved a mystery.

Powell Gardens

Venture about 30 miles outside Kansas City to find Powell Gardens. The gardens include a beautiful outdoor garden with gently flowing streams and colorful flowers. Even though you are still within the metropolitan area, you feel as though you have escaped to a country retreat.

Powell Gardens is a perfect place for an outdoor wedding or a family picnic. If you forget to pack a picnic basket you can eat at the restaurant located on the premises. Wear comfortable walking shoes because the gardens feature acres of walking paths. On specific nights during the year, you can even watch fireworks and listen to live  musical concerts.

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