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Drugs and Spiked Drinks in Bangkok and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Bangkok: Drugs and Spiked Drinks

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also its most heavily populated city. Although it is a popular tourist destination, be on the lookout for drugs and spiked drinks in the city.

Watch Out for Drug Assaults and Spiked Drinks

There are definitely a few stories from out of Bangkok that will make you cautious while traveling around. While on the street, try to stay in groups when possible. Isolated tourists have reported having air based drugs waved in their faces, passing out, and waking up robbed. Even in hotels, you’re at risk. There are stories of individuals who had drinks at the hotel and woke up days later and, once again, robbed. For this reason, it’s bet to stay at a highly reputable hotel instead of any of the smaller hotels. Even while out at restaurants, take care to watch your drink. Individuals have reported their drinks being spiked at small cafes and waking up, almost a day later, at their hotels but without money.

Drug Sellers

Beware of drug sellers in tourist areas of Bangkok. Similar to other drugs scams throughout the world, police will sometimes plant drugs on you, in your bags, or in your food and drink. They will then try to extort you for money. The stakes are high under these circumstances, because the legal penalty for drug trafficking in Thailand is death, even for foreigners. Keep a constant watch on all your possessions when in Thailand.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about drunks and spiked drinks in Bangkok.

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