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Did Scientists Just Cure Jet Lag?


Sorry, frequent flyers. This cure is years away, but at least it’s progress! Business Insider reports that scientists have discovered a gene that could be responsible for causing jet lag.

This gene regulates the body’s adaptation to new time zones, and turning off the gene could help travelers adjust to a new time zone much more quickly. A team of scientists from the University of Oxford have found a way to turn off the gene in mice, thereby letting the mice adapt faster to changes in light cycles. If a drug was developed to do this in humans, flyers could easily change time zones without feeling the physical strain.

Unfortunately, as one of the researchers told Business Insider, “We’re still several years away from a cure for jet-lag but understanding the mechanisms that generate and regulate our circadian clock gives us targets to develop drugs to help bring our bodies in tune with the solar cycle.”

Until science comes up with a cure, read our five tips for fighting jet lag—no lab rats required.

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