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Compare online prices with a travel agent


If you always want to make sure you’ve gotten the best deal, there may be a step to add to your research: consulting a travel agent. This is particularly true for multi-option vacations, such as airfare-and-hotel packages or cruises where you’ll also need airfare and/or shore excursions planned. Agents may have deals worked out with specific providers and can get you a deal you won’t find online.

There are other times when you may want to call an agent:

  • When you’re pressed for time: Don’t have the extra hours to compare or monitor prices for your next trip? Calling a travel agent may save you time and get you a trip within your price range.
  • When you don’t know where you want to go: Sitting down with an agent to discuss your next trip can give you a better sense of the right destination, accommodations, and trip type (independent, tour group, cruise, etc.) for you.
  • When you’re overwhelmed: Exhausted by navigating trip possibilities, upgrade options, or the needs of your travel companions? An agent can take the headaches out of complex travel planning.

To start your search for reputable travel agents, visit the American Society of Travel Agents, American Express travel services, and the Better Business Bureau.

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