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Check unconventional sources for deals


Sometimes, you’ll find a deal in the most unexpected place, and it pays to be creative when you’re doing your research.

Having trouble finding a decent flight or package price to Europe? Check out the specials from Auto Europe. Granted, a car rental company wouldn’t seem like the logical first place to look for airfare deals, but the proof is on the site: It’s currently running spring fly-and-drive specials from $537, including airfare, fuel surcharges, and a three-day car rental.

Browsing a magazine—not just travel-focused ones—can also be a great way to find a good deal. While I have a soft spot for The Real Deals from Budget Travel (published in every issue), you can also find great tips from glossies such as Real Simple, activity-oriented deals from the likes of Scuba Diving, and senior-specific bargains from AARP. Check a variety of publications for the latest offers.

Not to toot our own horn, but if you haven’t yet checked’s [% 2524997 | | travel discount center %], you could be missing out on some great deals put together just for our readers. The latest promotions include $100 off at, 10 percent off Budget car rentals, and 10 percent off Telestial international cell phones.

Do you have a favorite unconventional place to find deals? We want to hear about it! Send your insider travel strategies to

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