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9 Private Islands You Can Afford


No bullsh*t: You don’t have to be a billionaire to own a private island. A slew of secluded atolls are on the market for a steal—we’re talking less than the average cost of a house! Here are nine dream escapes to make Gilligan proud.

Note: The prices in this article were accurate at time of writing but are subject to change.


Sweet Island, British Columbia, Canada: $72,900

The price of paradise doesn’t get much sweeter than this. On scenic Stuart Lake, the quiet alcove is covered in towering pine and aspen trees and has 360-degree views of Canada’s white-capped peaks. Spend your days fishing for 15-pound rainbow trout and spotting moose, elk and black bears. Though there are sights nearby worth a visit (see: limestone caves and the little town of Fort St. James), we wouldn’t blame you for never leaving the island.


Manuva Island, Fiji: $125,000

Disclaimer: This isn’t exactly a private inlet; it’s an off-the-grid beachfront lot. But with 42 acres of land, we guarantee you won’t see your neighbors (unless you want to). Along the Great Sea Reef you can explore the coral lagoon, marine reserve and powdery white beaches surrounded by coconut palm trees, lava rock formations and tropical flora. Bonus: you don’t have to sacrifice the conveniences of home. There’s an on-site clubhouse, with a restaurant and bar, an organic garden and a small marina.


Mannions Island, Ireland: $169,000

On an idyllic peninsula in Dunmanus Bay, a slice of the Emerald Isle is up for grabs. The enclave overlooks rolling green pastures, dotted with quaint farmhouses and grazing sheep. The best part? Its location is the perfect jumping off point for discovering the rest of West Cork, from the seaside harbors to the historic castles and grand estates (Bantry House is a favorite).


Hangover Island, Florida: $200,000

With a name like Hangover Island, we can’t think of a more fitting party pad. Just 30 minutes from Ocala, you’d have 40 acres of space for shenanigans. But if you get tired of boating and boozing (yeah, right), there are plenty of other ways to keep busy. You can hunt for arrowheads and pottery pieces on this former Native American plot, or lounge on the beach and watch the water for marine wildlife. Crystal River is home to the world’s largest Manatee sanctuary, so it’s not unusual to see the mammals frolicking about — and you’ll get a front row seat for the show.


Ram Island, Maine: $200,000

Looking for a classic New England getaway? Head up to northern Maine for a weekend on Ram Island‘s remote mile-long coast. At night, build a campfire on one of the three beaches and spend hours stargazing. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the northern lights. During the day, explore the rocky terrain, check out the tidal pools or search for bald eagles.


Frigate Caye, Belize: $225,000

Who needs an all-inclusive Caribbean resort when you could have an island of your own? Set on the Turneffe Atoll, this floating escape is a vision of soft sand, crystalline waters and mangroves. Snorkel by the reef to see exotic fish, kayak around the archipelago or kite-sail along the windy coastline. We guarantee you won’t spot another tourist. EVER.


Underwood Island, Connecticut: $250,000

Ditch the big city in favor of this tranquil Connecticut cove, just two hours from Manhattan. In the center of Coventry Lake, the little gem comes with a boat dock and cozy blue cottage, making the deal a serious bang for your buck. Spend summers in true Americana fashion: sailing, water skiing and barbecuing, or go in autumn to hike the wooded trails and enjoy the colorful fall foliage.


Aleutkina Island, Alaska: $297,000

If you prefer wilderness over the tropics, Aleutkina is for you. Covered in cedar and spruce trees, its woodland vibe blends seamlessly with Alaska’s mountainous terrain. And being three miles from Sitka, you’re only a boat-ride away from civilization (just in case you tire of the humpback whales, sea lions and brown bears).


Isla Paloma, Panama: $380,000

Ok, ok, we know it’s a bit over budget, but with all its perks, Paloma is definitely worth the splurge. In a tranquil lagoon on the northern tip of Panama, the waterfront retreat has a private beach, dock and garden full of fruit trees (coconut, pineapple, banana, avocado and mango, to name a few). But the real selling point is the fully furnished two-bedroom house, built with local canafistula wood. There’s also a separate work shed, party shack (bring on the tiki bar!) and a massive five-slot boathouse that has water skis, snorkel gear and even a 16-foot wooden canoe included. Pass the piña colada, please.

—Chelsea Bengier

This article was originally published by Jetsetter under the headline 9 Private Islands You Can Afford. It is reprinted here with permission.

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