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How to Get Travel Insurance in Under 5 Minutes

It’s dangerously easy to forget about travel insurance. Between the stress of packing and the excitement of travel, something as unexciting as travel insurance is typically the last thing on a traveler’s mind. On a recent trip, I forgot about it until I was at the airport, and had to use my phone to buy coverage at the last minute. The experience taught me that trying to crack the enigma of travel insurance using the airport’s sub-par free Wi-Fi is no small task.

Buying on the fly shouldn’t to be so hard. So I decided to time and test the mobile websites of some of the best names in travel insurance to find out which providers offer the easiest last-minute, mobile-device based buying experience.

For each test, I used the same scenario: A one-week trip to London for one 23-year-old female traveler during the first week of October, estimating a total trip cost of $2,000. I started my timer as soon as I clicked on the link from the search engine and ended when I was brought to the payment page. Times may vary depending on your trip details and Internet speed, but these results will give you a general sense of what to expect from each provider.

Travel Insurance in Under 5 Minutes

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