US Airways aircraft close up (Photo: US Airways)

With US Airways' 100 percent bonus on purchased miles, it could pay to buy enough frequent flyer miles for a business-class ticket to more»

Photo: United Airlines

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Beach couple, Tampa Bay (Photo: Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau)

Wondering where to go with all those frequent flyer miles? If you know where to look, the airlines will help you choose flights with seats readily accessible to mileage program members.

In response to the outcry from mileage collectors frustrated by the lack of available award seats, the airlines are attempting to steer program members in the direction of flights which are good prospects for would-be award travelers, both by listing destinations with plenty of empty seats (hot spots) and occasionally discounting award flights to lower-demand destinations.

Some of these flights are running just half-full for good reason: They're dogs. Phoenix in August? Thanks but no thanks.

Among the throwaways, however, are some real gems. Following are five award destinations the airlines are promoting for the coming month that merit special attention and are well worth your more»