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With a slick, uncluttered design; clever fare calendars; and multiple search options (trains!),, a four-year-old metasearch site, is worth a test more»

Airport departure screen (Photo: Index Open)

Flight cancellations are already on the rise as airlines grapple with increased scrutiny. Which means things will likely get worse when the government begins handing out fines for lengthy tarmac more»

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What do director Kevin Smith and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney have in common? They each had themselves a rough weekend in the more»

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Do you have a preventive tactic to avoid getting sick before or during vacation? Do you know tried-and-true remedies for motion sickness, cold and flu, digestive distress, and more? We want to know! more»

Virgin America plane parked at the gate (Photo: Clark County Department of Aviation)

The carrier hiked its bag fees by $5, bringing it closer to the fees charged by most legacy carriers. The change takes effect immediately, for travel on or after March more»

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A new chart from Spirit shows how much of your airfare costs pay for fuel, and how many miles per gallon the airline's jets get on the, er, more»

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In 2009, the nation's largest carriers posted the best collective on-time rate since 2003, which is not all that surprising when you consider how many flights were cut last more»

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We all know what makes for a bad seatmate, but what about a good one? Join the discussion and share your rules for the road, and tips for being a good citizen while in more»

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In this week's reader Q&A, we tackle another question that comes up pretty often:

Who is responsible when someone steals something from my bag?

Imagine: You stumble into your hotel room, wiped out after a day of flying, toss your suitcase onto the bed and open it: Your camera, which you thought you packed, isn't there. Didn't you pack it? You did. Probably. And after a moment or two of doubting yourself it hits you: Someone stole it. But who is responsible? more»

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PBS' new documentary offers a look at the evolution of our modern airline industry, and the ways in which business interests and safety concerns too often conflict with each more»