Business traveler on laptop at the airport (Photo: Index Open)

Delta, United, and others say the business travel slump is easing up, but Southwest disagrees. Who's right, and why should it matter to the rest of us? more»

Airport - Departure screen full of canceled flights (Photo: iStockPhoto/Simon Smith)

After posting good on-time arrivals for most of the year, airlines slipped in a big way this October. So what happened? more»

Photo: Megabus

The low-cost bus service, which routinely offers $1 seats, is offering 100,000 free seats this winter, including 40,000 to New York more»

Woman with earphones on a plane (Photo: Dragan Trifunovic/

You did the smart thing and shopped around to find the lowest airfare. Awesome. Here are a few tips on how to keep those savings in your pocket and avoid the in flight more»

Train in a Paris Station (Photo: iStockphoto/Perry Kroll)

As the government pushes for high-speed rail development, one has to wonder if super-fast trains will ever be a reality in the more»

Airport security check sign (Photo: Finn)

The TSA managed to release a security screening manual chock full of information one could use to circumvent airport screening procedures. Yes, that's as big a disaster as it more»

Airport: Frustrated, Overwhelmed Traveler (Photo:iStockphoto/Dystortia)

We want to hear your ideas about how the airline industry can improve, from customer service to in-flight comfort, ticket prices and fees to baggage more»

Photo: Northwest Airlines

The bizarre story of an errant Northwest Airlines flight gets even stranger as the pilots, trying to reinstate their licenses, point fingers at nearly everyone but more»

Photo: Southwest Airlines

A woman gave birth some 30,000 feet in the air Friday, and all involved are healthy and back on the ground. And yes, there was a doctor more»

Air Canada (Photo: Air Canada)

The carrier still doesn't charge for the first checked bag, and its fee is slightly lower than that of most carriers here in the more»