Alaska Airlines 737 up close (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

The person in question was funneling ticket-change payments to himself, rather than the airline. Alaska says about 1,500 people were more»

Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta's not the first airline to begin an in-flight Wi-Fi program, but it is the only one thus far to promise implementation across its entire domestic more»

Sleeping on an airplane (Photo: iStockPhoto/Stephanie Horrocks)

In what is sure to be an unpopular move, JetBlue will begin charging $7 for blankets and pillows onboard its flights. This is yet another fee for something that used to be more»

American plane taxiing down the runway (Photo:  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)

Following pressure from the airline to direct all American fare searches to its own website, Kayak dropped the carrier's fares more»

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (Photo: Boeing)

Travelers between the mainland and islands will pay $15. However, with Hawaiian posting a healthy profit, why is it charging passengers extra? more»