US Airways aircraft close up (Photo: US Airways)

Prepare to pay extra if you want to avoid the dreaded middle seat on your next US Airways flight. The airline will begin charging a fee to passengers hoping to score some aisle and window more»

Woman laughing on mobile phone (Photo: Bryukhanova)

With the airlines gearing up for in-flight cell phone use, a new House bill proposes to ban voice calls on U.S. more»

Airport Gate (Photo: Index Open)

Amidst news about more expensive and less convenient summer travel comes two announcements that will make air travel a little bit better this coming more»

Travel Warning (Photo: Molly Feltner)

Due to growing drug-related violence in Mexico, the U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert for Americans visiting the border more»

Agents and customers at the ticket counter (Photo: Delta)

According to Delta and Northwest, there will be no hub closures, though there could be some reduction in service from regional carriers. Plus, news on capacity cuts and new more»

Delta and Northwest merger (Photo: Delta/Northwest)

In a move that could spur fare hikes and devalue miles in both airlines' programs, Delta officially proposed purchasing Northwest for more than $3 more»

Photo: Virgin America

AirTran and Virgin America have announced new fees for a second checked bag. The new fees of $10 (AirTran) or $25 (Virgin America) go into effect in more»

Airport Gate (Photo: Index Open)

There's been a real shortage of good news about air travel this week, which makes this story about free services at airports around the country a breath of fresh more»

Chapter 11 (Photo: Holman)

Frontier Airlines filed for Chapter 11 Friday morning, making it the fourth airline to announce bankruptcy in the last two weeks. However, the carrier plans to continue business as more»

Frustrated at the airport (Photo: Index Open)

If you're flying in the next few weeks, you may want to start considering your Plan B now. Or maybe Plan C and D, for cancellations and more»