Our friends over at USAToday are teaming up with ABC's "Good Morning America" to highlight what they're calling the seven "New Wonders of the World." Leaving aside the curious choice of an ancient city as one of the "new" wonders, I'm fascinated by this more»

New York is a popular holiday destination for a reason. It's got the shopping and the shows, and for many it's a trip that defines the season. But it's also pretty much guaranteed to be a pricey excursion. Though it's no NYC, D.C. also gets into the holiday spirit and has plenty of winter activities such as ice skating, shopping, and concerts. And it can be more more»

When America voted on Tuesday, perhaps the last thing on anyone's mind was how the results might affect travel. But with Democrats now in charge of the House and (according to some reports) the Senate as well, there may be some changes coming our more» has a directory of restaurants in 17 states that are offering special Thanksgiving menus. This list is particularly useful for that contingent of folks who use the holiday as a mini-vacation with (or away from) family. There are restaurants with holiday menus in ski towns, Orlando, and Las Vegas, as well as in other major cities around the more»

The European Union has adopted strict new rules for carry-on baggage on Europe flights. Here's what to expect the next time you fly to or within more» has customizable audio city tours that you can download for free. There are tours on themes such as history, food, and even one featuring the recommendations of locals. You can download a guide in its entirety, or pick and choose from the different tours and create your more»

The whole concept of a "bargain" is subjective, but this one's a steal if you normally fly first more» is a new travel and social-networking website that aims to connect travelers worldwide by combining TripAdvisor-esque forums and reviews with the personal profiles, blogs, and networking abilities of more»

A recent report with suggestions from travel industry professionals and savvy travelers underscores the importance of knowing how to file an effective more»

AirTran's possible new cities include Austin, Chicago, Oakland, Phoenix, Providence, San Diego, and 43 others across the more»