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World’s Most Insane Waterslide Opens (and You Can Ride It)


Seventeen stories high. (That’s taller than Niagara Falls.) Sixty to seventy miles per hour. Some 264 stairs to the top. Eighteen seconds to the bottom.

Oh. And there are two hills.

That’s the world’s tallest waterslide by the numbers. Verruckt (which is German for “insane”) made its debut on July 10 at Schlitterbahn Waterpark to much fanfare, officially taking over the world record previously held by Insano at Beach Park in Fortaleza, Brazil (not a good week to be Brazil, we guess).

Feeling a little verruckt yourself? Ride the world’s tallest waterslide without leaving the comfort of your home and click on the video below!

Readers, would you ride Verruckt?

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