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The World's 9 Best Hot-Air Balloon Rides

The World’s 9 Best Hot-Air Balloon Rides


There’s no other experience like a hot-air balloon ride: waking before first light, watching the sun rise as you drift over the hills and towns below, and then touching down to a Champagne breakfast. Exploring a new place from the basket of a hot-air balloon ride offers a perspective you can’t get any other way.

Hot-air balloon rides don’t come cheap, but in these nine places they’re well worth the money, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the temples of Myanmar. Read on to discover the world’s best hot-air balloon rides.

1. Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Scattered across the plains of the Bagan region in Myanmar are thousands of historic temples, pagodas and monasteries, mostly built between the 11th and 13th centuries. You can explore them by bike, taxi or horse-drawn cart, but to get a true sense of their scope, hop into a hot-air balloon. The temple ruins look particularly beautiful by the golden light of sunrise. Recommended operators include Oriental Ballooning and Balloons Over Bagan.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

Dotted with cave hotels and otherworldly rock formations (called “fairy chimneys” by the locals), Cappadocia’s landscape is best appreciated from the air. Dozens of companies offer hot-air balloon rides over the Goreme Open-Air Museum, filling the early-morning sky with brightly colored globes that only enhance the incredible view. Recommended operators include Royal Balloon and Kapadokya Balloons.

3. Masai Mara, Kenya

Game drives are one way to check the Big Five off your safari must-see list; hot-air balloon rides are another. From your bird’s-eye perspective, you might spot wildebeest running across the savannah, a herd of elephants gathering at a watering hole or hippos lurking in the Mara River. Recommended operators include Governors’ Balloon Safaris and Hot Air Safaris.

4. Melbourne, Australia

While most hot-air balloon flights travel over scenic countryside, in Melbourne you can enjoy a unique opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of skyscrapers and streets. You’ll drift over the city’s landmarks, including the cricket stadium, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Yarra River. It’s a great way to get an overview of the city before or after exploring on land. Recommended operators include Picture This Ballooning and Balloon Flights Over Melbourne.

5. La Fortuna, Costa Rica

From a hot-air balloon, your view of Costa Rica might include lush rain forests, remote moutain villages and the cloud-shrouded Arenal Volcano. In the quiet of early morning you’ll likely even hear monkeys and birds calling from the treetops. Costa Rica’s only hot-air balloon rides are operated by Serendipity Adventures.

6. Luxor, Egypt

Drift peacefully over ancient temples, the Nile River and the tombs at the Valley of the Kings on a spectacular hot-air balloon ride above Luxor, Egypt. After landing, you’ll have the rest of the day to visit a few of the sites you glimpsed from the air. Recommended operators include Sindbad Hot Air Balloons and Hod Hod Soliman Balloon.

7. Tuscany, Italy

Walking around Tuscany’s historic hill towns is one travel pleasure; seeing them from the air in the soft morning light is another. Keep your camera ready as you sail over vineyards, stone farmhouses, quaint villages and fields of sunflowers. Recommended operators include Ballooning in Tuscany and Tuscany Ballooning.

8. Queenstown, New Zealand

There are plenty of adventurous ways to see Queenstown from the air, including hang gliding, paragliding, bungee jumping and skydiving. But if you’re looking for a less hair-raising way to take in the area’s spectacular vistas, a hot-air balloon ride might be just the ticket. Sunrise Balloons offers panoramic views over the Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu and other natural attractions in the Queenstown/Arrowtown area.

9. Sedona, U.S.A.

The famous red rocks of Sedona, Arizona make for a stunning landscape unfolding beneath the basket of your hot-air balloon. Keep your eye out for wildlife on the ground such as mule deer and coyotes. Recommended operators include Red Rock Balloon Adventures and Northern Light Balloon Expeditions.

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