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Who Are the World’s Best and Worst Tippers?


It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Americans came out on top in a survey about tipping conducted by TripAdvisor. The travel website asked more than 25,000 people from eight countries (Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States) whether or not they tipped while on holiday.

The survey seems a little bit flawed, however, as it didn’t break down the tipping questions by vacation destinations. Personally, I adjust my tipping habits based on the customs of wherever I’m going—I may tip 20 percent in the United States, but not in somewhere like France, where the gratuity is usually already included in the bill at a restaurant.

Here’s the breakdown of what percent of nationalities responded “yes” to the question of whether they always tip on vacation:

  • Americans: 60 percent
  • Germans: 49 percent
  • Brazilians: 33 percent
  • Spanish: 30 percent
  • Russians: 28 percent
  • British: 26 percent
  • French: 15 percent
  • Italians: 11 percent

Americans are most likely to tip for restaurant service (97 percent) and for porters (79 percent) and least likely to tip for housekeeping (69 percent) or a cafe barista (22 percent.) You can view all of the survey results here.

How do you tip when you travel? Tell us in the comments.

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