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What Locals Want You to Know About Venice

Local Tips for Venice
(Photo: Christine Sarkis)

NVNQVAM DERELICTA. Never abandoned. The phrase emblazoned on the wall of the Doge’s Palace in Venice may have originally related to religion, but it’s a perfect motto for a city that has endured 1,400 years of nearly constant siege—from Barbarians, Napoleonic armies, encroaching waters, and tourist hoards. These days, the high cost of living is driving more natives to surrounding cities; but find a local and you’ll discover a fierce love and protective spirit toward this beautiful, watery oddity of a metropolis. Here’s what Venetians want you to know about Venice.

Special thanks to Monograms Local Host Igor Scomparin and the many other locals who offered up advice, opinions, and great stories about their hometown. 

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